Copley Glass

Copley Glass has been engraving/sandblasting glass since the 1950's. Sandblasting glass with names is a classic and attractive way to acknowledge donors. They can be on a large panel with multiple donor names or they can be an individual plaque for rooms or area dedications. Glass panel donations walls are a great fundraising tool and are useful for those organizations with limited space. Furthermore, many different donor tier levels can be sandblasted onto an individual panel.

Some of the same fundraising techniques used for engraved bricks can also be applied to engraved glass fundraisers. See our program guide for ideas on how it might help you through the whole process. An additional advantage to glass etching is that individual donors can receive paperweights, wine glass or other glass items as a thank you for their gift as well as being recognized on a larger panel.

There is a classic elegance to sandblasted glass. Very fine detail can be carved into glass using photographic masks and/or multiple depths of carving to enhance appearance. Copley Glass has helped it's clients put lettering, artwork and donor names onto large and small recognition panels, tabletops and doors.

Plus to really boost sales for our customers, Copley glass can prepare a small glass panel personalized for your project. Nothing excites people more than seeing a sample of what they will be getting.

Copley Glass is here to assist with your glass panel fundraising, school fundraisers, church fundraising, veteran's memorials and all your organizational fundraising needs.